happy bmo push day!

release tag

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1541303] Default component bug type is not set as expected; enhancement severity is still used for existing bugs
  • [1543760] When cloning a bug, the bug is added to ‘Regressed by’ of the new bug
  • [1543718] Obsolete attachments should have a strikethrough
  • [1543798] Do not treat email addresses with invalid.bugs as unassigned when displaying bugs
  • [1544304] Wrong escaping of quotes in attachment titles.
  • [1541555] Add facility for requiring an API Key to always come from the same IP address
  • [1545295] socorro lens chart for crash statistics blocked by CSP (Blocked by Content Security Policy)
  • [1543163] Make Toolkit :: Blocklist Policy Request component private by default
  • [1545269] Request for Bug Dependency Graphs return a 404

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