happy bmo push day!

Note that I’ve missed the last two push announcements, you’ll want to check https://wiki.mozilla.org/BMO/Recent_Changes#Recent_Changes to be fully up-to date. That said, we’ve been very busy. In the past 30 days.

6 authors have pushed 76 commits to master and 81 commits to all branches.
On master, 213 files have changed and there have been 2,852 additions
and 850 deletions.

Below the fold are all the changes for this most recent push.

release tag

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1539302] Add “attachment is patch” field to bug
  • [1531757] Allow to search only in bug description (comment 0) with both Quick and Advenced Search as well as API
  • [1539941] Link keywords and flags in bug detail to searches (and later graphing)
  • [1541111] Separate bugs on Triage Owners page by type
  • [1281200] New show_bug.cgi view should have an option to have fields editable by default.
  • [1071066] For bugs with aliases, inline history displays the bug number rather than the bug alias
  • [1283392] Query for history or comment containing private bug id should return no data for this bug
  • [1344427] Display “nn people including you” if current user is cc’ed on a bug.
  • [1541582] If an uplift request answers Yes to needing manual QA, the qe-verify flag should be set to ‘+’, not ‘?’
  • [1540860] Add `$schema` key and descriptions to json schema output
  • [1540857] Change simple ping document id
  • [1541918] Allow report ping namespace to be changed
  • [1541123] “1 new change since last visit” shown for the change I just submitted
  • [1541231] Certain Phablicator requests are displayed as inline attachment
  • [1152434] Remove regressing bug ID field from uplift approval request once regressed-by field is added
  • [1541555] Add facility for requiring an API Key to always come from the same IP address
  • [1541484] Move the bug type from header to module and de-emphasize it so it’s not confused with bug status
  • [1539908] Replace no_break filter with CSS nowrap
  • [1542882] Don’t do image preview on security bugs
  • [1541133] Bug type field should be a radio button
  • [1527459] Display dependency bugs by type, using the same colour/icon for each
  • [1531481] Add bug type labels to My Dashboard
  • [1543155] Observatory score dropped from an A+ to a D-

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