happy bmo push day!

release tag

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1487171] Allow setting bug flags when creating/updating attachment with API
  • [1497077] Convert links, image/iframe sources, form actions to absolute path
  • [1469733] Fix scrolling glitch on Safari
  • [1496057] Security bugs report october update
  • [1499905] Update BMO enter bug workflow to include Data Science
  • [1370855] Add a Referrer-Policy response header
  • [1501893] Tell robots to leave the graphs alone, and leave a trap
  • [1501133] Attachment flags layout on new bug page is broken
  • [1501888] Implement Bugzilla::Util::remote_ip() in terms of Mojolicious API
  • [1502181] MockParams should set user/verify authentication classes to match production
  • [1501849] Speed up IP blocked page
  • [1502198] GitHubAuth cannot be removed from user_info_class in data/params if extension enabled or all logins will no longer work
  • [1497230] Several custom form routes are not resolved, leading to 404 page not found, including Trademark Usage Requests
  • [1502739] Disabled account doesn’t show any indication on the profile page
  • [1479535] BUGZILLA.bug_url is wrong on bug page after POSTed, Copy Summary doesn’t work as expected
  • [1501966] Security Bugs Report: Warn when there are outdated products or components in the teams list

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