happy bmo push day

release tag

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1498206] Replace LWP::UserAgent with Mojo::UserAgent in phabbugz extension
  • [1497487] Use HMAC to generate tokens and sensitive graph filenames
  • [1498436] Move site-wide message to global header
  • [1498362] Shutter the “Powered By Mozilla” form
  • [1009716] Add (Cmd|Ctrl)+Enter shortcut for submitting from text areas.
  • [1499262] Bugzilla::DB should gracefully handle disconnection events that happen during transactions
  • [1497077] Convert links to absolute path
  • [1499417] Change BMO docs links from bmo.readthedocs.org to .io
  • [1499269] Refactor common parts of the feed daemon and improve timeout logging
  • [1496004] Improve layout of attachment detail page, hide comment form when custom form is inserted
  • [1495741] Multiple fixes for issues related to memory usage + configuration options for managing memory usage
  • [1482644] Improve “Too many requests” page with an explanation
  • [1499477] Feature request: link from user profile to editusers.

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