happy bmo push day – mojolicious edition

As previously announced at FOSDEM 2018 and then re-announced at MojoConf, bugzilla.mozilla.org is now running on Mojolicious “A next generation web framework for the Perl programming language”

This release incorporates 28 changes and the Mojolicious migration is the least interesting to the end-user, but it is pretty important in terms of being able to deliver rich experiences moving forward.

As an aside, it’s very possible to just download and run bugzilla now,
and the Bugzilla Harmony initiative could use some help cranking out a first release. Interested parties can reach out to me or find us in #bugzilla on irc.mozilla.org

release tag

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1455495] Replace apache with Mojolicious
  • [1487422] Remove Phabricator section from MyDashboard and related WebService API
  • [1490687] Stop setting r+s on Phabricator attachments
  • [1490708] Ensure we always call DBIx::Connector->dbh before any DBI method
  • [1491973] Add GeckoView to BMO::Data special casing
  • [1345673] Open Bugzilla History in a New Window or Tab
  • [1490901] ReviewBoard stub attachments no longer make a redirect, download a text file instead
  • [1492850] Remove places where headers are printed
  • [1468489] Documentation points to https://landfill.bugzilla.org that is no longer maintained and will be shut down
  • [1492511] Code to updating subscriber values for current private bugs is throwing errors in the phabbugz log
  • [1470536] Add new GeckoView product to easy product selector on Browse and Enter Bug pages
  • [1492346] scripts/syncflags.pl should also add the target product to any tracking flags that the source product is a member of
  • [1492926] Handle DBIx::Connectors more appropriately
  • [1473417] Show often/recently used products/components on New Bug page
  • [1490595] Bugzilla update check should use https
  • [1491850] restoreSavedBugComment takes a really long time (100ms)
  • [1493295] Add short URL to each bug
  • [1494065] Add a basic test using Test::Mojo
  • [1489718] Insert form widgets for approval flag requests instead of free-form comment text
  • [1493847] Fix buglist.cgi link label on product/component dropdown lists
  • [1493500] Remove all trailing whitespaces from all files
  • [1493490] Remove navigator.buildID usage from Bugzilla Helper
  • [1494645] Allow customizing HTML <title> of search results
  • [1421032] Detect Markdown attachment files as text/plain so Firefox can display the content
  • [1418378] Use Material Icons on Bugzilla home page instead of low-res images
  • [1495071] Mojolicious Cleanup
  • [1495834] xmlrpc.cgi outputs headers in request-body
  • [1495869] Crash graph not found after mojo migration

discuss these changes on mozilla.tools.bmo.

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