happy bmo push day!

release tag

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1450325] Update email templates with instructions for unsubscribing from all emails
  • [1451599] Checkbox for agreement terms at create account page should be on the left side
  • [1438205] Preserve comments in progress across page reloads
  • [1452531] PhabBugz code should add allow visibility to reviewers when creating custom policies
  • [1440828] Phabricator review requests should show up on the BMO dashboard
  • [1452241] Improve feed error handling and logging
  • [1453124] extensions/PhabBugz/bin/update_project_members.pl should be combined with the normal feed daemon
  • [1455493] cleanup push connector logging
  • [1427395] Allow request_cache to be constant-folded in Bugzilla.pm
  • [1455772] Label bug bounty form credit fields
  • [1373280] Highlight private comments in new bug modal UI
  • [1430367] Ssl preconnect google analytics
  • [1456529] Support SameSite attribute on session cookies
  • [1441732] Improve missing module error in Bugzilla::Extensions and catch more compile errors in tests
  • [1457031] When a revision does not have an bug id, the bug is made public but we also need to remove secure-revision tag

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