Happy BMO Push Day!

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release tag

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1450283] JobQueue should treat “no jobs” as a trace-level message, and all other logs as info
  • [1450920] Instant Search doesn’t work when not logged in
  • [1447028] Add auth delegation test script
  • [1446431] Allow Baseline scan to ignore forms that dont need CSRF Tokens
  • [1450791] SES handler needs to support both “event” and “notification” messages (to handle complaint messages in production)
  • [1449282] Create an endpoint that will report back the number of jobs currently in the jobqueue
  • [1450679] Replace custom Sentry integration with Logging
  • [1328900] Create new group called ‘disableusers’ that can only edit the bugmail and disabledtext fields of a user
  • [1450990] Refactor a bunch of the logging config files
  • [1451416] Bugzilla sometimes sends emails to accounts when it shouldn’t

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