happy bmo push day!

release tag

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1511261] request queue page shows ‘Bugzilla::User=HASH(…)’ instead of username
  • [1520856] “Opt out of these emails” at bottom of overdue request nagging emails doesn’t open desired page
  • [1520011] Phabbugz panel short description missing
  • [1518886] Remove outdated build plan code from PhabBugz extension used to move revisions from draft mode.
  • [1509329] Do not display revisions that have moved out of the bug, but note the move in the bug history
  • [1520533] Utilize Markdown in uplift form comments
  • [1521653] Cannot edit comments after creating or updating an attachment
  • [1518268] Re-style all markdown content, consistently
  • [1520202] Sometimes the browser can cache the wrong version of an asset
  • [1517429] Search: Filter out by default Product containing “Graveyard”
  • [1512815] Optimize Bugzilla->active_custom_fields() for CPU and memory usage
  • [1520582] Block ips of users that get too many page errors
  • [1522155] Closed bug links don’t get their strike-through

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