happy bmo push day!

release tag

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1476288] Replace moz_nick with (new, revised) nick and also attempt to disallow duplicate nicks
  • [1472954] Implement one-click component watching on bug modal and component description pages
  • [1136271] Make user profile page visible to anyone for easier sharing
  • [1475593] Bugzilla Emails received when patches are attached in Phabricator
  • [1476841] Various code cleanups ahead of the Mojolicious patch
  • [1477894] get_attachment_revisions() should be returning an empty list, instead of a list of [0]
  • [1478012] Phab allows projects to have empty descriptions so Project.pm in PhabBugz should allow the same
  • [1419636] Make Google Analytics use beacon/XHR instead of img tag
  • [1478540] Update User.pm to load more than 100 users by using the paging functionality of Conduit API
  • [1478983] WebService endpoint to check if a user can enter a bug into a given product
  • [1479523] Disable one-click component watching for logged out users
  • [1320977] Add review/feedback/needinfo request counts and block statuses to /rest/user and /rest/user/suggest responses
  • [1475687] Remove https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/form.reps.it custom form
  • [1466737] “use my platform” should default to x86_64 on Mac OS X
  • [1479563] Wrap labels in Requests dropdown list
  • [1432095] OpenGraph image not loaded
  • [1478013] Importance, Status and Platform section labels in show bug view are linked but not clickable

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