happy bmo push day!

release tag

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1443559] Remove “Urgency” (mapped to priority) field from the “form.doc” bug form for MDN content bugs
  • [1441903] Cleanup Makefile.PL
  • [1444088] review link for patches on the requests page no longer shows up
  • [1444627] Display saved searches on MyDashboard as an inline list
  • [1439993] Remove COMPILE_DIR => setting from Bugzilla::Template when effective group != webservergroup to prevent filesystem permission errors
  • [1437238] Create override parameters for mailer configuration.
  • [1427503] Allow all users to use Duo as the MFA provider.
  • [1443162] Attachment links should include urlbase
  • [1445041] if memcached server does not end with a port, append :11211
  • [1445098] flush stdout on cereal daemon
  • [1445066] Clicking “Last search results” sometimes results in an error
  • [1445042] log heartbeat errors
  • [1441181] Implement new process model for running multiple email jobqueue daemons
  • [1445700] apache_size_limit should be 800_000 when Linux::Smaps is not installed
  • [1446042] Please remove the IPC request form in Bugzilla
  • [1443058] Backport 1087400 to bmo – CGI 4.05 throws tons of “CGI::param called in list context” warnings
  • [1446156] mkdir template_cache: Permission denied
  • [1440328] Mentor email addresses not obfuscated when signed out
  • [1447221] memcache no longer returning results due to mismatched key handling in get vs. set
  • [1447291] Remove Apache2::Log from PhabBugs/Push in favor of logging framework
  • [1447289] heartbeat check should not check for enabled features
  • [1444008] Form action injection in Bugzilla /user_profile (leads to XSS/single-factor credential leakage)

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