Profiling as validation

Among a bunch of other things that are going on, we’re migrating to a new home in AWS.

So the team (bobm and ckolos) have been very dedicated to validating the new stuff is as good, and hopefully better than the old stuff. To this end they’ve been working with another engineer (rpapa) to do load testing. Some of the load testing results have been a bit unusual, perhaps even impossible.

But that’s okay, because I’ve recently made it very easy to profile the code using Devel::NYTProf.
Looking at preliminary profile data, it seems that perhaps the overhead of connecting to mysql may be higher in the new environment.
It could also be something else — more analysis is needed.

I’m sure this must be a thing, but to be honest I haven’t ever read about someone using a profiler in this way, so perhaps is deserves a mention.